virtual solar powerplants
Wh...aat is vPV?
virtual Photovoltaic "vPV", or better: virtual solar power plants are part of larger solar power plants.

After a physical solar power plant is deployed we partition available PV surface into multiple smaller power plants. Such a power plant (vPV) can be purchased here. The output is split among owners.
Who we are
Romy Sigl
Serial Entrepreneur
Armin Langhofer
Serial Entrepreneur
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Our Mission
We build solar power plants. Therefore we're trying utilize roof space of 200m2 and above. If you're interested in deploying a power plant on top of your roof, please let us know.
Want to buy vPV?
You'd like to deploy a solar power plant but there are a lot of reasons why you can't where you live? We can do that for you: plant your physical power plant somewhere else or buy some vPV area here. Please stay tuned until we deliver vPV pre-ordering here.

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